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Jungle Leaves is three biologists: Alexander Ruppert, Patrick Schlütting und Nils-Bendix Schmitz.

As nature-loving guys, and of course also during our studies as botanists (Patrick and Nils) and zoologists (Alexander), we have been busying ourselves with the propagation, care, biology and ecology of tropical plants for terrariums and houseplants for more than 10 years.

  • Alex is our expert for extraordinary plants for the rainforest terrarium. He takes care of our range of mini orchids, rare begonias, Gesneria and all sorts of other (often very wacky) small plants. Somehow, however, he seems to want to compensate for all the miniature plants, because he also maintains and multiplies our huge aroids, like Leucocasia, Xanthosoma or Anthurium.
  • Patrick can probably write down the complete phylogenetic tree of spore plants, including traits for each clade, from memory after being woken at 3 a.m. He’s our expert for ferns, mosses , Selaginella and carrion flowers. Wait a minute, carrion flowers? Yes, they’re some of his favorites too. Amorphophallus, Sauromatum, Typhonium and other Araceae, whose impressive flowers often spread unspeakable smells in our greenhouse. Delicious.
  • Nils especially loves the so-called ant plants. Hydnophytum, Lecanopteris, Dischidia or Myrmecodia, these bizarre beauties, which are inhabited by ants in nature, are perfect and special terrarium plants that are still little known. Don’t worry, we will deliver them to you without ants. In addition, Nils surprises us again and again with exotic fruits that we have never heard of, let alone tried one of them.

The three of us have made it our mission to propagate these and other incredibly beautiful and fascinating plants, which are often difficult or impossible to obtain, locally and to make them available to you easily and with a quality guarantee. This also includes expert advice. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, problems or suggestions on how we can make our offer even better!

With our scientific background, we attach particular importance to sustainability and excellent information about these organisms, which goes beyond successful care. Have a look at our blogwhere we not only give detailed care instructions but also report on botanical peculiarities, amusing anecdotes and fascinating plant diversity!

You can meet us in our shop in Herten, in the heart of the Ruhr area, or at a trade fair at the Jungle Leaves booth. See you there!