Shipping information

Within Germany: We send our packages regularly with DHL. The shipping time is usually 1-3 working days. After processing your order, our shop system will automatically send a DHL shipping notification with the tracking number after a few minutes. Please also note the paragraph “Winter Shipping”.

Within the EU: We send our packages exclusively with UPS. The shipping time is usually 2-4 days depending on the destination country. After your order has been processed, you will usually receive a shipment tracking email from UPS a few minutes later. If you do not receive an email with the shipment details, please email us. Please also note the paragraph “Winter Shipping”.

We charge a shipping fee per order according to the destination country. You can then order as many products as you want. The shipping fee differs depending on the destination country and is based on our UPS shipping zones.

  • Germany: 6,90 €
  • EU Zone 1 (Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary): 13,90 €
  • EU Zone 2 (Denmark, Spain, Romania): 15,90 €
  • EU Zone 3 (Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovakia): 18,90 €
  • Malta & Cyprus (only UPS-Express): 39,90 €

Free Shipping: During the high season from around the beginning of May to around the end of October, we do not charge a shipping fee for orders above a certain minimum value. Shipping is then free.

  • Germany: from 120 €
  • EU Zone 1: from 150 €
  • EU Zone 2: from 200 €
  • EU Zone 3: from 200 €
  • Malta & Zypern: unfortunately not possible

We ship our plants with great care so that they reach you undamaged. This also means that the time in transit has to be as short as possible. That’s why we ship orders that contain living plants within Germany only from Monday to Wednesday and within the EU only Monday and Tuesday.

Unless other deadlines are specified in the item description, the goods are usually delivered in Germany within 1-3 working days from the next shipping date. For deliveries to the EU, the shipping time is 2-4 working days from the next shipping date. Please also note the paragraph “Winter Shipping”.

By using UPS express shipping or expensive winter packaging, we can also send plants optimally at low temperatures. Unfortunately, as a small company, we cannot bear the resulting additional costs ourselves. Therefore we have to increase the shipping costs by approx. 6-7 € at too low temperatures. However, we therefore still guarantee optimal plant shipping. The relevant prices are displayed during the payment process.

Temperatures that are too low or too high can damage sensitive plants within a short period of time, which is why we do not send any living plants at temperatures below 0° C or above 30° C. This information refers to the temperatures here in Herten, Germany! Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we cannot always check whether the temperatures on the transport route or at the shipping destination are acceptable. Please contact us if you would like a later delivery.

If the temperatures remain too high or too low for extended periods of time, we will stop shipping. We will also inform you about this on the website with a pop-up and/or an info banner.

If you still have an open order with us and would like to order something else, you are welcome to do so for free by selecting “Add to existing order for free/On site pickup” as the shipping option at checkout.

You can also pickup your paid order locally from us within our opening hours. Simply select “Add to existing order/On site pickup” as the shipping option at checkout.

As a company environmental protection is very important to us, including the shipping conditions. We use 100% recycled cardboard and paper for our packaging and have reduced our use of plastic to an unavoidable minimum. We fix our plants with bamboo sticks – a renewable resource – and thus save voluminous filling material, which ends up in the waste incinerator via the residual waste bin. The plastic bags and pots in which plants are delivered are made from 100% recycled polypropylene.

It can always happen that plants are affected by the handling of the package by the shipping service provider or by unexpectedly long delivery times. In such a case, please contact the shipping service provider directly and assert your warranty claims! If you suspect that the plants were permanently damaged by the transport (e.g. if the packaging was damaged), open the package directly in the presence of the delivery person and refuse to accept it if necessary. The shipping service provider is solely responsible for damage caused by transport or delayed delivery. As soon as the package leaves our hands, we have no more control over it.

Minor damage to plants or stress reactions to transport (e.g. shedding leaves or flowers) are no reason for complaint. Plants are living organisms and inevitably react to changed conditions. For all details regarding complaints or exchanges, see the point “Right of cancellation” in our terms and conditions.

If the plants arrive in a defective condition despite optimal shipping conditions, you can of course contact us. Please allow us 1-2 working days to respond to your email.