Expo dates

Expo dates

We will be happy to bring your orders to the next expo as well! To do this, select the shipping option “Pickup” in the store and write in the notes that you will pick up the order at the next expo.

We exhibit on these (plant) expos:

11.03.2023 Terraristika (Hamm) Website

15.04.2023 – 16-04.2023 NRW meeting of the GfP (Bonn) Website

29.04.2023 Botanika (Hamm) Websiite

29.04.2023 – 30.04.2023 Rare plant market Grugapark (Essen) Website

10.06.2023 Terraristika (Hamm) Website

09.09.2023 Terraristika (Hamm) Website

09.09.2023 – 10.09.2023 Rare plant market Grugapark (Essen) Website

30.09.2023 Botanika (Hamm) Website

11.11.2023 – 12.11.2023 Vivarium (Rosmalen) Website

09.12.2023 Terraristika (Hamm) Website

18.02.2024 Terra Ruhr (Recklinghausen) Website

09.03.2024 Terraristika (Hamm) Website

10.03.2024 Botanika (Houten) Website

13.04.2024 Botanika (Hamm) Website

27.04.2024 – 28.04.2024 Rare plant market Grugapark (Essen) Website

09.06.2024 Terra Ruhr (Recklinghausen) Website

14.09.2024 Terraristika (Hamm) Website

14.09.2024 – 15.09.2024 Rare plant market Grugapark (Essen) Website

21.09.2024 Botanika (Hamm) Website

November 2024 Vivarium (Rosmalen) Website

14.12.2024 Terraristika (Hamm) Website

29.12.2024 Terra Ruhr (Recklinghausen) Website